Brass Loop Handle Yixing Zisha Clay Tea Water Kettle Boiler 1.5L 50oz

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Zisha Clay
Material: Yixing Zisha clay
180 x 180 x 140mm
Capacity: 1.5L 50oz 
Origin: China
Description: Clay teapots and boilers can enhance teas flavors. Any boiler or tea kettle may perfectly suffice for most people, and I believe that no special equipment is necessary for boiling water. Yet you may wish to consider a clay boiler down the road. These boilers are quite nice to have for brewing tea out of doors in areas with no electricity, such as on a camping trip. Like clay teapots, a clay water boiler softens water and enhances flavors within the tea. Clay boilers also allow one to use lovely porcelain tea ware while still enjoying the enhancements clay brings to tea sessions.
This lovely water kettle is composed of famouse purple clays from Yixing, China. The clays are mined, ground up, fermented, blended and finally worked into these superior kettles. The composition of these kettles gives the water boiled in them a sweeter and softer taste, which transmits into tastier teas with more body! We encourage you to use our natural earthen clay teakettles to add some authenticity to your tea.
* 100% Natural
* Non-Glazed
* Alkaline
* Porous
* Great Heat retainer