Chinese Zisha Clay Glazed Red Aroma Tea Cup Set

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Tasting Cup: Height: 30mmDiameter: 50mmCapacity: 20mlAroma Cup: Height: 50mmDiameter: 33mmCapacity: 20 ml

This includes a tea tray, a tasting cup, and an aroma cup (sniffer cup). The teacups shown here are available in pairs of aroma cup and tasting cups. The aroma cup is the taller of the two, and is where the tea is initially poured by the host. To use aroma cup, hold the aroma cup upside-down over the tea. Then hold the aroma cup to your nose and inhale. The guest then pours the tea into the drinking cup, then smells from the newly emptied aroma cup. The aroma remaining in the cup smells noticeably different from both the aroma of the tea in the cup and that of the dry leaves, and changes subtly as the cup cools. The guest then drinks from the drinking cup.