Hunan Anhua Big Wild Leaves Golden Flowers Fucha Hei Cha Dark Tea Brick 518g

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Type: Dark Tea
Net Weight: 518g
Packaging: Box
Origin: China
Description: Similar like Pu-Erh, Liu An, and Liu Bao, Fu Zhuan is also classified as "Black Tea" and post-fermented tea in China. It is a famous tea from Hunan Province.
Fu Zhuan tea is an unique product that it will develop "golden flowers" by aging. In Mongolia and Xinjiang, Fu Zhuan tea is an important beverage for digestion. The more "golden flowers" in tea, the better in quality.
“Golden Flower” known as eurotium cristatum, is a dominant fungus in the production process. The scientist has only identified this natural microorganism in the past 30 years. The Institute of Food Science, Jishou University study that 'Eurotium cristatum improves the digestion and absorption of starch and protein, but inhibits the decomposition and absorption of fat.' People believe that “Golden Flower” can improve the quality of tea. A good and aged Liu Bao tea should have high quantity of “Golden Flower”.
It is traditional to make a Fu Zhuan with many stems and chopped leaves.