2000 Meters Yunnan High-mountain Volcanic Oolong Tea 50g

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Spring tea leaves from an organic plantation located at an elevation around 2000m of volcanic mountains near to borders of Myanmar. Yunnan Oolong Tea introduces the original Qingxin (green heart) Oolong variety from Taiwan. It not only makes use of Taiwan’s excellent tea tree varieties and advanced tea-making technology, but also benefits from the high mountain and humid climate environment of Tengchong, Yunnan, and the geographical advantage of 2000 meters above sea level. Yunnan Oolong Tea Has its unique quality and taste.

Volcanism of the Tengchong volcanic field is related to the eastward subduction of the Burma microplate under the Eurasian plate near the northeastern side of the collision zone between the Indian and Eurasian plate, which forms the seismically very active Himalayan belt. Tengchong volcano is a volcanic field in southern China 40 km from the border with Burma 430 km WNW of the city of Kunming.

Processed in the Taiwanese high mountain oolong style, this tea was allowed to oxidize partially and brews a golden yellow soup. You get a good balance of fragrance and mouthfeel. Tightly rolled green leaves produce a fragrant light yellow liquor. The fresh taste is smooth and balanced with floral, creamy and nutty notes and a tangy, fruity aftertaste. It has a comforting Qi and even a glimpse of Huigan.

Our Volcanic Oolong works really great as an everyday tea. It is a low oxidized tea that is lightly baked which helps keeps the fresh floral aroma and buttery scent. The balanced flavor lacks any harshness, being clean and crisp.

Brewing Guide: Bring the water to a boil, pour into your pot or cup, cover and steep for 60 seconds. Add 30 ~ 60 seconds for subsequent steep.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review