25 Years Aged Taiwan High Mt. Dong Ding

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Aged oolong is re-roasted every few years, and stored in clay pots to enhance aging. This aging process produces the unique ripe fruit and roasted rice aromas. It is mild in caffeine and smooth for your stomach. How to store aged oolong? It's just as easy as let it sit there and age more, away from light, moisture, and odor. It is not necessary to keep in air-tight container, because it helps aging if the tea is exposed to some air. It's a good idea to keep it in a clay pot, and store in a nice, dry, dark space.

The tea is wonderful, rich, sweet and complex and it has a nice dark reddish hue. The tea liquor of the first infusion was darkly flavored and a little like honey and mulch. By the second infusion the flavor was more reminiscent of fresh cut oak leaves. Unlike most leaves it never fully flattened out. The aging process imposes more compression and wrinkling of the leaf. The leaf does expand in the gaiwan, fully imparting its favor into the liquor, but even after six infusions it remained more wrinkled than most fresh oolong teas.

Brewing Guide: You can start with 1 tsp for 120cc(4oz) 95C(203F) water, steam about 1 min for the first brew to unroll the leaves. 30-40 seconds for the second infusion, and add 20 seconds for the following infusions. Provides at least 5 infusions, up to 9 infusions.

The tea leaves need to be fully expanded in the container, remember not to put too much loose tea to avoid over packed. One tip to keep in mind is the amount of dry loose tea should be around 1/5 or smaller of the teaware or container, after brewing, the tea leaves will expand to 80%-90% of the container. Once you get familiar with the tea, you may explore your own brewing method.

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    very good

    Posted by d on 2018-07-06 14:43

    good tea, gives a special state