Anticancer Yun Zhi Extract * Coriolus Versicolor Polysaccharide Peptide PSP 20:1 ,250g 8.8 oz

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Coriolus versicolor – also known as Trametes versicolor and Polyporus versicolor – is a common polypore mushroom found throughout the world. Historically known in China as Yun Zhi, literally meaning cloud mushroom. It sometimes colloquially named turkey tail mushroom. PSK was first isolated in Japan in the late 1960s while PSP was isolated about 1983 in China. Each compound has shown remarkable anticancer properties with few side effects and both of them are extracted from Coriolus Versicolor.

PSP (polysaccharide peptide) is an all-natural extract from a mushroom known as Coriolus versicolor, strain Cov-1. Currently gaining major international interest for its effectiveness against tumours both in animal experiments and in clinical patients, it is also making news both for its remarkable anti-aging qualities and for its use as an anti-virus and anti-inflammation agent in the treatment of infection and inflammation of the upper respiratory, urinary and digestive tracts, including liver ailments, including hepatitis B and chronic active hepatitis.

PSP has the reputation of being one of the most highly researched and potent anti-tumour mushrooms in the world. As a new type of Biological Response Modifier (BRM), it now is recognized for its dual qualities of being both an immunological regulator and an anticarcinogen. Tests have proved that PSP is effective both in clinical patients and in animal experiments with the mushroom itself being used as a health food both in China and in Japan with use growing internationally today. It is superior to wild strains of mushroom because it has a much higher concentrate of protein-bound polysaccharide and no woody fibre cell walls surrounding the cell. This ensures that the inner nutrients can be digested easily and absorbed by the human body.

Asian mushrooms have attracted international attention for some years with studies proving that anti tumour benefits come only from the fungal polysaccharides which bind with protein. PSP is extracted from the deep layer of mycelia of the Yun Zhi mushroom using advanced technology. The Mycellium itself is a network of fine threadlike filaments originating from the germination of spores. Unlike green plants which convert sunlight into energy, mushroom mycelia derive their nutrients from humus. The mycelium spreads throughout the nutrient base or substrate, amassing nutrients. It is when all environmental conditions are right that the mycelia use these nutrients to produce mushrooms.

The Yun Zhi mushroom is not the only mushroom to have polysaccharides which act by enhancing host defenses, rather than directly killing tumour cells. Researcher found that the specific effect of these polysaccharides is the activation of macrophages and T-lymphocytes, stimulation of interferon, and the overall enhancement of cell-mediated immune response. They have no toxic effects on humans, and are clinically safe.

With cancer, biological factors tend to involve a weakened or deficient immune system, as well as the existence of the cancer virus. The malfunctioning of immunity against cancer cells, enables cancer to spread. It is the protein-bound polysaccharide component that contains Beta 1.3 glycosidic bound of PSP exhibits anti-tumour activity by activating not only the immune competent cells such as human natural killer (NK) cells, but also the T-cells in the immune systems.

The American National Cancer Research Center has put PSP on record as a funguous anti-cancerous substance. Not only have the polysaccharides-peptides present in PSP proved to be effective in boosting the immune system and inhibiting tumour growth, they also have provided nutritional support for cancer patients. Experiments suggest three possible mechanisms by which PSP might act, namely: (1) Potentiating of T-cell mediated cytotoxicity which killed more numbers of target-tumor cells. (2) Definite concentration of PSP produced direct cytotoxic activity in vitro. (3) Induction of tumorcidal macrophages killed more cancer cells. For more information, you may visit website of American Cancer Society and search it with Coriolus Versicolor.

Beneficial: Cancer, Chemotherapy support, Constipation, Immune system, Irritability, Radiotherapy, Sleeping problem, Tumours, Lung cancer, Liver cancer, Skin rejuvenation, Prostate cancer, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis, antioxidents, allergies, appetite loss, aging.

Our Yun Zhi is a 20:1 concentrated extract, meaning over TWENTY POUNDS of Yun Zhi mushroom have been carefully concentrated into one pound of extract.

Brewing Guide: Pour 1 cup of boiling water over ¼ to ½ teaspoonful of powder. Drink 1-2 cups of it daily.