BAMA Brand Fujian Min Hong Xiao Zhong Gong Fu Black Tea 80g

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Type: Black Tea
Origin: China
Description: In Chinese language, 'Min' means Fujian province. Min Hong Gong Fu is a typical Fujian black tea and it has very good quality as they are all well chose strictly by us and, of course, very tasteful. Min Hong tea producing area is in the north of Fujian province that is an region covered with dense forests and criss-crossed with sinuous rivers, with longitudes between 118.33' east and 119.17' east, and latitudes between 27.05' north and 27.23' north. The mountainous area ranging from 200 to 1000 meters in altitude has a mild climate with a up to 260-days frost-free period and a 1600-odd ml rainfall every year. Tea gardens here are mostly located in the gentle mountainous slopes where acid and fertile soil is suitable for growing the Da Baicha tea cultivar.
Min Hong Gong fu teas are sweet, very stylish, slightly floral, slightly fruity, slightly malty, tippy black teas. This tea is historic and important tea and is made in Fuan county, the same places where authentic Fujian white tea is made. In fact, some of these teas are made with the large leaf Da Bai cultivar that is used to make white tea. This type of Min Hong seen as superior in quality is known for abundant downy hairs, fine taut trips, and jet-black and glossy color. When brewed, it produces bright reddish brown infusion with long-standing fragrance and mellow, sweet and full-body.
Min Hong Gongfu has a deep, full body and makes excellent breakfast and afternoon tea. It is a smooth and mellow tea with a hint of subtle peppery taste and fragrance. This tea blends very well with sweetened milk for added flavor and extra smoothness. Min Hong is a rich black tea with a sugarcane sweetness that lingers on the tongue. As the tea develops, notes of lush chocolate and soothing malt will gush to the surface. This is truly a special treat. 
Brewing Guide: To brew Min Hong Gongfu, first put dry tea leaves in teapot, then pour 85-90 degree boiled water into the tea ware. standard steeping time is 30 seconds. With a short steeping time the tea will be light and sweet, perfect to drink plainly. With a longer steeping time we advice to add milk, honey or lemon. This tea can be brewed for several rounds. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review