EFUTON Brand Xinhui Chenpi Orange Pu'er Yunnan Pu-erh Tea Stuffed Tangerine Ripe 2021 240g


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Type: Pu-erh
Process: Cooked
Origin: China
Description: Delicious high quality Pu-erh tea leaves from Yunnan are aged for four years and packed into the rind of a whole tangerine. This very special Pu erh tea has an exceptionally smooth and earthy flavour. To make this rare artisan Pu erh, a small circle is carefully carved in the roof of a tangerine fruit. The meat is then removed, leaving only the peel behind. Loose leaf Pu erh tea from the Yunnan province of China, is delicately placed into the whole tangerine peel and closed using the small circle of peel that was previously removed. The tea-filled tangerine peel is then left to age and mature over time. This allows the natural citrus oils to infuse into the Pu erh tea, leaving a wonderfully rich and earthy flavour with fragrant and citrussy notes of tangerine.
Dried tangerine peel is known in Chinese as ‘Chenpi’ and is traditionally used to add flavour in Chinese cooking. This tea is a great choice for seasoned tea-lovers and tea connoisseurs. It is earthy, smooth and full-bodied highlighted by exceptionally light notes of citrus. The leaf has a sweet, honey-like aroma with citrussy undertones.
Brewing Guide: To enhance the tangerine flavour of your brew, break off a piece of the tangerine peel and add it to your Gaiwan or teapot before brewing. Use 200ml of water per 3-4g of tea. Boil water to 100â„? steep for 30 seconds.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review