Black Stainless Steel Travel Vacuum Thermos Tea Maker 350ml 11.83oz

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Stainless Steel

Material: Stainless Steel & Polypropylene

Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 170 mm
Capacity: 350ml (11.83oz)
Origin: China 
Description: This professional thermos designed for tea is consists of three parts, a top cap, a tea leaf capsule with window and a double wall vacuum cup.
To make a cup of nice tea,

1. Screw off the top cap, rinse the cup with hot water. Put dry tea leaves into the tea leaf capsule.

2. Add 150 ml hot water into the tea leaf capsule to rinse the tea. Pour the waste water in the thermos.

3. Screw off the tea leaf capsule and add 250ml hot water into the vacuum cup, screw tea leaf capsule on.

4. Turn the whole thermos upside down three times, 30 secs each time. The tea get fully brewed in this way. Control the brewing time and strength by yourself to get desired taste!

5. When the tea is ready, press the button on cap to let infusion go down into cup. The leaves and water are separated.

6. Enjoy your tea from the vacuum cup. 

You may repeat step 3 to step 6 to get multiple infusions.