Bu Lao Dan * Immortality 50g 1.76 oz

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Fujian, China
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50g (1.76 oz)

Oolong tea grows in Fujian province of China. There is a big mountain called: Wuyi Mountain in the northern Fujian province. On the rocks of this mountain grows some good teas. These teas are called: Wuyi Mountain Rock Oolong Tea, or, Wuyi Mountain Cliff Oolong Tea. Nowadays Wuyi rock oolong tea is more famous for its Weight Loss effect.

It is named as Bu Lao Dan because Chinese believe that the special tea helps to prolong life, it has been regarded as an anti-aging treatment. It is said that threr are anti-oxidants that can reduce inflammation and fight off infection. Of course, it's so difficult to isolate just one component of foods as we've learned over time. It may be other things inside tea we just don't know about yet that could contribute to this benefit. Bu Lao Dan has long, crisply dried, variegated twists of dark black whole leaf. It has intense, pure, deep and mineral taste with great juicy persistence and depth. Floral aroma, peaches and honeysuckle with some minerally touches on that same old background of wood, earth and fruit. As a bold wuyi tea, the taste is stronger than most of the wuyi teas. The aftertaste is sweet and lingering fruity notes. Its aroma has a lingering freshness and fruity scent. This very rare ancient oolong is hard to found even in China today as most of the acient trees were cut down in 80s, only few have been preserved by a farmer fortunately. The owner of the ancient tree made limited prodution of Bu Lao Dan this year, it is definitely one to contemplate whilst enjoying.

These are spring leaves plucked from a rare ancient tree in Wuyi mountain, a remarkable and enjoyable oolong you can find in Dragon Tea House only!

Brewing Guide: Note the following key features of this tea,

  • Tea-Water Ratio: 1:4
  • Water Temperature: 100°C
  • Steeping Time: 30-45 seconds
  • Number of Infusions: 6-8
  • Use a Yixing teapot to bring out the best in our Wuyi Rock tea.
  • Combine properly. It is the right combination of tea leaves, water temperature and brewing time. that results in a good cup of tea. Keep in mind that Kung Fu Cha offers an advantage over other brewing - higher water temperature.