Ceramic Water Tea Kettle Brass Loop Handle Wood Lid Built In Thermometer 1100ml

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Material: Ceramic
Dimensions: 180 x 135 x135mm
Capacity: 1100ml 37.2oz
Shipping Weight: 2000g
Origin: China
Description: Whether you're preparing tea for one, tea for two or tea for a group, there's nothing better than being able to serve the freshest, most flavorful brew possible. Ceramic tea kettles from Dragon Tea House help you achieve the pinnacle of tea deliciousness. Ceramic tea kettles never leach strange tastes into your heated liquids. The ceramic glazes used to cover the insides and outsides are naturally composed of earth-friendly minerals. They heat water up quickly without releasing any chemicals into your favorite green, black, white, oolong, herbal or chamomile tea blends.
The kettle comes with an integrated thermometer. This unique feature helps you to determine the exact temperature you want for your water. Did you know that the optimum temperature is between 80-95C? Now you can make the perfect cup of tea, exactly how you want it, without any bitter taste. With our fast boil tea kettle make your own cup and enjoy all the mouthwatering aromas from start to finish, even if you're in a hurry. Brewing your own cup, means you have control over everything included in your drink, which means you can finally make THE perfect cup!
This ceramic kettle is fired at high temperatures so it is safe to use on both electric and gas stove tops.