COFCO Sea Dyke 18 Years Aged Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea Fujian Lao Cha 100g Tin

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Type: Oolong
Net Weight: 100g 
Packaging: Tin
Origin: China
Description: Aged oolongs are rare in the world of teas. Unlike pu-erhs that change through microbial activity, oolong leaves age naturally. And whereas pu-erh teas are considered "living teas" that must be exposed to air, aged oolongs are often kept sealed as they age. It is more difficult nowadays to find an oolong worth aging, though, as lightly-oxidized, greener oolong is the mainstay. Such tea can age, but the high moisture content in the leaves means it will have to dry out first, and therefore take a long time to reach a nice stage, also passing through a long, awkward and undrinkable phase. Traditionally-processed oolong, on the other hand, is drinkable at any age, including just a few months after it is processed, and only gets better with time. This tea can be quite joyously drunk now or aged and drunk even more happily in some years!
This Da Hong Pao has been aged for 18 years in Wuyishan. During the aging process the tea has been periodically roasted. This tea exposes the core flavors of Wuyi yancha. Early infusions are best kept short and will quickly darken. Later the rate will level out and sustain for quite some time. The roast is not to strong, and is well balanced against the flavors of an aged yancha. This tea is good for special occasions or when you are feeling down. Additionally this tea can be used to better understand other Wuyi teas since the aging process transforms the flavors.
This tea was traditionally processed, with heavy oxidation and roast, making it a wonderful and delicious brew right now and also a great candidate for aging. The liquor is bright, sweet and slightly sour, with a bold Qi, complex aromas and is more patient than what you are used to in an oolong. Aged Tieguanyin is rich, complex, bold and delicious with strong Qi and it is patient, lasting many steepings—the perfect companion for a ruddy-faced man studying or meditating!
Brewing Guide: Warm up the tea vessels with the boiling water. Place 7 grams of tea leaves in the warm pot and brew tea leaves with 250ml 100°C / 212°F hot water. Brew time - up to 1,5-2 minutes. The tea leaves should uncurl for full flavor. You can brew it few times.