Ebony Wood Chinese Gongfu Tea Serving Tray in Cotton Travel Bag 37x15x7.6cm

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Serving Tray
Material: Ebony
Dimensions: 374 x 152 x 76mm
Shipping Weight: 2500g 
Origin: China
Description: A beautiful, traditionally designed tray and reservoir for the water you pour away in your tea ceremony. This bamboo tea tray is an elegant and simple addition to tea preparation, whether Gongfu cha or Western-style service. The slotted tray- which is removable- enables discarded water to drain and collect below, allowing for ease in heating gaiwans, tasting pitchers and cups.
* Made of high grade solid wood, polished smooth surface.
* The Gongfu Tea Tray has a hidden water storing tank, the tank is used for holding the waste and spare tea liquor.
* The top cover could be used as a tray.
* Easy to use, easy to move. Easy to clean. Lot of space for your Gong Fu tea tasting. The tray is perfect for your tea set.
This small tray is suitable for Gongfu-style tea service for 1-4 persons using Gongfu teaware. Price is for a tray only, teapot & teacups are not included.