Handmade Reusable Clear Glass Water Bottle Heat Resistant Drink Container 1100ml

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Material: Lead free glass, food grade silicone stopper
Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 330mm 1100ml 37 fl oz
Origin: China
Description: Looking for a completely pure drinking experience? You've found it. This glass water bottle is engineered for those looking for a completely BPA free container.
According to the Pacific Institute, the amount of petroleum required to make, ship, and distribute the average single-use water bottle would fill 25 percent of the bottle itself. So when you drink a bottle of water, you're also consuming the equivalent of a quarter of the bottle's volume in oil. The Earth Policy Institute estimates that bottled water consumption is the global warming equivalent of three million cars driven for a year. Drinking from a reusable water bottle, however, is a simple but empowering change. You may not be able to reverse global warming single-handedly, but collectively we can make a difference by changing our water consumption habits.
Now you can do your part to promote a greener lifestyle--and enjoy a strikingly beautiful design in the process--with the hydration vessel. Offering everything you want in a multi-use water bottle, the bottle boasts an elliptical shape that's inspired by the organic beauty of blown glass, with a sparkling body that stands out in a crowd. High quality glass bottle provides a healthier way to drink, users will appreciate the bottle's slim, ergonomic design. Dishwasher safe.
A free protection bag is included. Tea cup is not included.