Kamjove 1989 Classic Electric Tea Ceremony Kettle Water Boiler 800ml 220V 1200W

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Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 228 x 226 x 165mm
Capacity: 800ml 27oz
Voltage: 220V 
Origin: China
* Boiling point: 100 °C (celcius) - Keep long constant temperature with thermostat
* Auto-power off function when kettle is empty. Automatic shut-off when body is lifted off base.
* Stay cool handle.
* 360 degree rotational base with fixed cord. Concealed under-floor heating element does not come in contact with water.
* Illuminated pilot light.
* Easy to clean.
* Spout with splash guard protects against water spills.
* Detachable base. Cordless Kettle removes for convenient pouring and serving.
* Adopts KSD temperature control switch with UL certification.
* High quality beatiful kettle specil designed for Chinese tea art ceremony, titanium plated, super fast boil time.
This electric tea kettle uses the latest energy-saving components to maintain a constant temperature. It features a rapid boil and safety system. It has an insulated handle that matches the base and finial. There is a 360 degree cordless rotational connector for universal placement of the teapot on the detachable base.
This electric kettle is to be used in 220/240V 50hz AC Countries Only.
Suitable for: France (220V/50Hz), United Kingdom (240V/50Hz), Germany (230V/50Hz), Italy (220V/50Hz). Socket adapter may be needed.
Not suitable for: US (120V/60Hz), Canada (110V/60Hz).