Kamjove Electric Stainless Steel Tea Kettle with Automatic Lazy Water Pipe T-22A

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Stainless Steel
1000 ml (33.8 fl oz)
Guangdong Haili Group
Power Output:
AC 220V, 50Hz, 1210W
Heating Method:
Energy saving electric tube

* Automatic water intake system.

* Boiling point: 100 °C (celcius) - Keep long constant temperature with thermostat
* Auto-power off function when kettle is empty. Automatic shut-off when body is lifted off base. 30 minutes timing power off protection system when no operation.
* Stay cool handle.
* 360 degree rotational base with fixed cord. Concealed under-floor heating element does not come in contact with water.
* LED panel with temperature reading.
* Easy to clean.
* Spout with splash guard protects against water spills.
* Detachable base. Cordless Kettle removes for convenient pouring and serving.
* Adopts KSD temperature control switch with UL certification.
This electric tea kettle uses the latest energy-saving components to maintain a constant temperature. It features a rapid boil (5 minutes only) and safety system, and can be operated either manually or automatically. It has an insulated handle that matches the base and finial. There is a 360 degree cordless rotational connector for universal placement of the teapot on the detachable base.
To use this kettle:
1. Fasten metal drinking faucet and connect plastic pipe to bottled water or any other water source.
2. Press red power button to turn it on.
3. Press blue water intake button to add cold water to kettle.
4. Press green fuction button to choose a bottom temperature, oolong (90 °C), green tea (80 °C). The kettle goes up to 100°C first, then stop working, the water temperature drops to the number set and start heat again.
5. Press red power button to turn it off.
You can also use it manually, read the LED panel, simply heat water to desired temperature and turn it off.
The water for black teas should be added at the boiling point (100 °C or 212 °F), except for very delicate Darjeeling teas, where slightly lower temperatures are recommended. Water for green tea, according to most accounts, should be around 80 °C to 85 °C (176 °F to 185 °F) — the higher the quality of the leaves, the lower the temperature. Oolong teas should be brewed around 90°C to 100 °C (194 °F to 212 °F). With the help of this kettle, you may brew pu-erh teas with fully boiling water water easily.
This electric kettle is to be used in 220/240V 50hz AC countries only. Using it in 110V countries needs more time to heat water.