Mongolia Suutei Tsai Instant Milk Buttered Tea Original Salty Flavour Beverage 20gx1 sachet

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If tea time in your home means sweet, sugary cups of deliciousness, think again. This week we’re sipping on salty, milky green tea cooked with buttery toasted millet. This is one of the more elaborate versions of Suutei Tsai – a famous Mongolian drink enjoyed out on the cold steppes. 

Suutei tsai literally "tea with milk" is a traditional Mongolian beverage. The name suutei tsai in Mongolian means milk tea. The ingredients to suutei tsai are typically water, milk, tea and salt. A simple recipe might call for one quart of water, one quart of milk, a tablespoon of green tea, and one teaspoon of salt. But the ingredients often vary. Some recipes use green tea while others use black tea. Some recipes even include butter or fat. Milk in Mongolia is typically fresh, whole milk, and using half and half instead of milk produces a rich beverage close to the authentic. The amount of salt in the tea is also often varied.  
Suutei tsai is one of the most common drinks in Mongolia. It is often drunk at meals and throughout the day. It is usually served to guests when they arrive at a Mongolian home, known as a yurt or ger. Upon arriving, guests are usually served suutei tsai with a hospitality bowl filled with snacks.
We offer instant pack, 20 grams each sachet, buy 20 sachets to get a complete bag. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review