Nonpareil Organic Ancient Tree Golden Needles Dian Hong Yunnan Gold Black Tea 50g

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Type: Black
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: Yunnan golden needle black tea from Yunnan province, China; harvested in a remote, hard to access tea garden from wild ancient tea trees at altitudes of over 2000m, with a local heritage of more than 2000 years of tea culture as well as plucking and processing art; certified health and environment-friendly. This is a spectacular plucking of Yunnan, composed entirely of very long golden tips. A very high quality black tea from China that impresses with its complex and sublime flavors and powerful aroma.
Our Yunnan Golden Needle is an exceptional black tea processed entirely by hand in early spring. It hails from the birthplace of tea, Yunnan Province in China, where it is grown at high altitudes. The wild growth of the tea trees in their natural habitat and the gentle and careful plucking. Therefore, our golden needles black tea is 100% health and environment-friendly grown.
For the highest quality of this tea, only the youngest tea buds, each along with a single, most upper pertaining leave is picked. Besides the wonderful full-bodied and balanced taste, this selection principle is also responsible for the characteristic appearance of the ready processed and dried tea, in which the buds show a bright golden and the pertaining leaves a dark-shaded color, ranging from grey via brown shades to black. Artisan Yunnan golden needle black tea is roasted in a wok over a wood fire according to ancient tradition. The special needle shape of the black and golden needle is owed to a highly skillful process of rolling the tea buds and leaves accompanying this roasting.
The result is a black tea with a full-bodied, round taste that combines a rich spectrum of pronounced aromas, ranging from coconut and honey to cocoa and chocolate notes in perfect harmony. If we say that the taste of this tea, whose secret apart from the skillful processing is also the perfect balance of the ratio between young buds and pertaining leaves. The abundance of golden downy buds, which are rich in amino acids, produce a rich and complex chocolate liquor. The delightful dry leaf aroma is woody and lightly floral, with a hint of chocolate. The brew’s deep caramel color hints at its bold aromas of drying tobacco, wildflower honey and blond woods. Its honey-sweet flavor is full-bodied, round and brimming with smooth notes of apple blossoms, apricots, buttery, baked yams and chocolate. The long-lasting aftertaste has exquisite notes of tobacco and bittersweet chocolate.
Brewing Guide: Use fresh water. Tea 3g, water 250ml, temp. 100°C, steep 3-4 mins. Can be enjoyed with or without milk.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review