Organic Darjeeling Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe 2nd Flush Black Tea TGBOP 250g

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Type: Black
Packaging: Bag
Origin: India
Description: This broken-leaf offering has a classic second flush Darjeeling flavor profile, rich with muscatel notes and a pronounced honey sweetness that blooms as the tea cools. Its graded broken small leaf varies from brown to blackish brown well rolled with a few tips. A delicious, award-winning, 'broken leaf' Darjeeling with all the classic qualities of a great tea from the region aptly named the 'champagne of teas'. The leaves are chopped to size in order to give the appropriate balance between sweet, aromatic flavours, and the fresh dryness beloved of afficionados of Darjeeling.
We have selected this tea from a particular field, to bring out some lovely honey, caramel and hay notes on the nose, with a rounded smooth cup which coats the mouth delightfully, leaving a long-lasting flavour atop a comfortable dryness. A copper-gold liquor has a warm toasty aroma and a smooth, lingering finish.
Brewing Guide: Boil the water, let stand for about 2 minutes. Add the hot water to the pot, and one level teaspoonful of tea per cup of water added. Let the leaves steep for about 5 minutes then gently stir and strain the tea into cup. The full-bodied cup is strong enough for the addition of milk, if desired.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review