Organic Dried Japanese Sakura Cha Pink Cherry Blossoms Flower Tea 50g

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Type: Floral
Packaging: Bag
Origin: Japan

Don’t believe the perfumes named Cherry Blossom–real flowers smell nothing like the cherries we associate with cough syrup or flavored candy. They have a fresh, green scent, with an earthy rose accent. It’s as delicate as the pink confetti of cherry petals. Given the love the Japanese have for sakura, cherry blossom, it’s not surprising that during the spring season you also find all sorts of cherry blossom flavored delights, including soft drinks, chocolate, pastries, ice-cream and candy. Pierre Hermé, the renowned French pastry chef, even offers cherry blossom flavored macarons at his boutiques in Tokyo.

The truth is that the taste of cherry blossoms is even better than their smell, and if you have a cherry tree in the vicinity, it’s worth experiencing it. The flowers and leaves of the cherry tree contain a small amount of coumarin, the same component that gives tonka beans their delicious roasted almond and sweet hay aroma. Combined with a mellow green aroma, it’s a distinctive and memorable taste. Japanese are wild about any kind of product made with cherry blossoms (called sakura). Cherry trees bloom in April, and represent the first signs of Spring. For centuries, cherry blossoms were pickled in order to preserve them for occasions during other seasons of the year. Normally, fresh cherry blossoms and leaves are preserved in salt, and then used to flavor rice, tea and sweets. Plum vinegar is added to the cherry blossom brine to accentuate the pink hue and fruity taste.

Our special cherry blossom tea is made of dried flowers directly, all natural, no added salt and suga, no additives.

As the flowers steep, the petals unfold in sheer layers. It’s a very feminine looking tea cup, with an aftertaste of apricot and almond. The briny, marine flavor is a surprise, and it’s much bolder than you would expect.

Light and smooth, this Sakura Tea has a floral aftertaste and plum undertones. A transparent pink expands in the cup revealing a flowery aroma with hints of the sea. Sakura tea has a very authentic taste of Japan, with a subtle, flowery scent and flavor. The unique flavor of sakura is unforgettable, like the flavor of a rose. A nice, subtle aftertaste remains for a few minutes.

Sakura tea is not only a must for the cherry blossom season, but a wonderful drink for a moment of peace and pleasure.

Brewing Guide: Take one or two flowers for each cup of tea. Pour hot water over the flowers and you get a light-colored tea that has a faint scent of cherry blossoms and an intense flavor.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review