Organic Dried Natural Du Zhong Ye Du-zhong Cha Eucommia Ulmoides Oliver Leaves 100g

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Type: Herbal Tea
Origin: China
Packaging: Bag
Description: Eucommia is a rare tree species surviving from ancient age. So far, as many as 14 species in the entire genus Eucommia has been found all over the world. Unfortunately they have become extinct one after another on the mainland and Europe. That's to say, currently the species in China is the only relict plant survived.
As one of typical Chinese healing herbs, Eucommia bark, also called Du Zhong in its Chinese name, has long been used in TCM clinical practice. All parts, especially the root and leaf, of Eucommia herb are valuable. Thanks to its enormous health benefits available, today its ready-made products, such as Eucommia bark tea, capsules, extract, and powder, are widely used for nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening muscles and bones, lowering high blood pressure, miscarriage prevention, and so on. 
Eucommia is incredibly versatile and offers a variety of useful benefits:
Regulation and Rejuvenation
Eucommia has been shown to assist in the regulation of the endocrine system, central nervous system, immune system, urinary system, and circulatory system. It can also stimulate the adrenal cortex system, as well as strengthen adrenal functioning. The specific benefits of the bark were not always well-known, but once discovered, they merely confirmed the ancient Chinese wisdom that long-term use of Eucommia bark helps with rejuvenation and weight loss.
Certain herbal remedies made from Eucommia nourish major organs, including the liver and kidneys. They also strengthen the bones and muscles.
While it is not a guaranteed cure for women suffering from pregnancy issues, the tea has been used to target certain fertility problems, such as miscarriage prevention, bleeding during pregnancy, fetal irritability, and recurrent abortion.
Eucommia proved to have anti-amnesic activity which is a proven therapy for cognitive defects, thus providing beneficial effects for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers.
Specific diseases
Eucommia is also used as treatment in a wide variety of medical concerns, including, but not limited to, the following ailments:
lumbago due to kidney asthenia;
urinary frequency;
high blood pressure;
urinary endless; and
Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, one of the most common forms of arthritis that degenerates joints and causes pain and stiffness in the hands, knees, or spinal functions. The disease is a result of the deterioration of the protective cartilage on the end of bones. Eucommia is used as a nutritional tonic to help prevent this deterioration. It is also beneficial for post-menopausal women, helping to nourish brittle or weak bone structure which occurs for many women after menopause due to decreased amounts of estrogen in their bodies.
Du Zhong tea tastes great, unlike most herbs we prescribe. The taste is light, bright and mostly sweet, but slightly bitter. It's similar in taste to some of the sweeter green teas and to the variety of the Jiao Gu Lan herb. The beverage is a clear, light-emerald green. 
Brewing Guide: Brew young du zhong leaves with 500ml of hot water for five minutes. Make it your daily drink. Use 15-25g du zhong leaves daily.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review