Organic Handmade Silver Bow-tie Jasmine Scented Best Quality Chinese Green Tea 100g 3.5 oz

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100g (3.5 oz)
This is a hand knotted high grade rare green tea made with selected spring single bud silver needle tea. This rare and unusual hand-made tea is hand rolled and bound together by hand into the shape of a bow-tie. It takes about 5 hours to make 100g tea, quite complicated, very limited production. During the infusion the tea unfold, slowly releasing rich and surprisingly smooth fragrance.
Traditionally, the silver bow-tie jasmine tea is produced by placing jasmine blossoms together with the tea leaf in a closed area, shortly after the blossoms open. After most of the aroma has left the blossoms, these blossoms are removed, and new, fresh blossoms are added. The number of scentings differs greatly from tea to tea; because this process is time-consuming and labor intensive, it greatly adds to the cost of the tea. Our high grades silver bow-tie use as many as 7 or more scentings in its production.
It produces a fresh, crisp, and lingering taste of well-rounded sweetness. The flavors are delicate but potent, sweet and flowery. Sparkling amber color and flowery aroma, liquor is sweet and almost sugary. Very soft, airy mouthfeel, good for multiple infusions. The smooth and mellow flavor of this tea with its distinct fruity notes, makes for a perfect cup any time of day. 
Brewing Guide: Use water that is nearly boiling, never lukewarm. Water should be at least 80 C (176 F). Water that is too hot can cause bitterness. Add roughly 1 tsp. loose tea leaves per teapot (roughly 3 to 5 cups of tea). Steep the tea for 1 to 5 minutes. Optionally strain the tea, pour into warmed teacups, and sip gently while the tea is still hot.