Organic Natural Premium Schisandra Chinensis Superberry Honeybee Pollen 100g

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Bee pollen is restored in honeycomb and fermented pollen ball brought back by bees while collecting honey. Biologically, bee pollen which belongs to male germ cell in stamen of anthophytes, not only bears all genetic information, also supplies abundant nutrition for future breeding, therefore, it is known as basis for generation, source for living energy.
Bee pollen is collected from flowering plants (involving nectar source and pollen of plant), and shown as irregular and oblate pollen granules mixed with glandular secretions (honey and bee’s saliva ). At present, bee pollen is well known as All-round Nutritious supplements, Enriched organic pharmacy and Internal conditioning for skin care with high protein and low fat by more and more people through making great and important values on organically keeping health, pharmacy and cosmetic fields.
Schisandra chinensis is a deciduous woody vine native to forests of Northern China and the Russian Far East. The plant likes some shade with moist, well-drained soil. The species itself is dioecious, thus flowers on a female plant will only produce fruit when fertilized with pollen from a male plant. Its berries are used in traditional Chinese medicine, where it is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs. Chemical constituents include the lignans schisandrin, deoxyschisandrin, gomisins, and pregomisin, which are found in the seeds of the fruit. In traditional Chinese medicine, S. chinensis is believed to act as an astringent for the Qi of the lungs and kidneys, restrain the essence to treat diarrhea, arrest excessive sweating from deficiency of yin or yang, calm the spirit by refreshing the heart and kidneys, and generate body fluid and reduce thirst. Schisandra chinensis pollen has antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects.
1.Improve comprehensive human immune function
2.Anti-aging and organic skin care
3.Precaution for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
4.Keep fit
5.Regulate gastrointestinal functions
6.Keep healthy on liver function
7.Adjust nervous system to improve sleeping quality
8.Keep better health
9.Precaution for prostatic diseases
Beware of pollen allergy, please make sure you are not allergic to pollen before taking it.