Organic Nonpareil Yixing Yang Xian Xue Ya Snow Bud Snowy Sprout China Green Tea 100g

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Type: Green
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description:Yang Xian Xue Ya is a rare ancient green tea comes from Yixing city, Jiangsu province, China. Yang Xian is the former name of Yixing, the city is not only famouse for its clay teapot, but the Yang Xian green tea. Yixing is the prestigious area of ancient tea production, now here is a major tea producing area in Jiangsu Province. It is locally known as "Snowy Sprount" due to the white color of the hair on the leaves. Yixing is warm in winter and cool in summer, have mild weather, rising vapor and fresh air. So it's very suitable for tea trees to grow there. 
Yang Xian Xue Ya has the natural quality of flower and fruit fragrance, its fragrance strong, its taste light, and its color bright. So it is labeled as "precious tea". The technique for collecting tea leaves is very complex. Only the tender tip of the leaf is used for the tea making process. This part of the leaf should be no longer than one inch long and shaped like the tip of a spear. The next step in the process is to repeatedly knead, rub and roll the leaves by hand. Yang Xian Xue Ya tea involves a particularly labor intensive process but the end result are leaves that are compact, tender and wonderfully fresh and aromatic. Yang Xian Xue Ya is a high-quality, man-made traditional tea which has a unique flavor.
Yang Xian Xue Ya tea that is conventionally made in the cup. Its natural sweetness and fragrance allows for this. The floss disperses & the pale green buds unfurl and begin to bob up and down the infused tea. The buds eventually swell displaying their pre-harvest form before falling upright to the bottom of the glass. A bright yellow-green infusion envelops the cup within minutes & the green tea is ready for sipping with the help of the odd blow to push away floating buds.
Our Yang Xian Xue Ya tea is as beautiful to drink as it is to look at. Dragon Tea House Xue Ya tea yields young beautiful fur wrapped tips and boasts a perfectly balanced sweet and mellow taste with the traditional vegetal character that is famous for green teas of this region. Silky and smooth on the palate with a lingering sweet aftertaste. 
Brewing Guide: Add 80°C hot water to a glass, wait for 30 seconds then apply 4g Yang Xian Xua Ya tea leaves to the water (tea leaves will fall to the bottom of the glass and the tiny white hairs will float to the top of the glass, very amazing!) and brew for 40 seconds. For second infusion, add 1 glass 70°C hot water and brew for 40 seconds.


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