Organic Rose Silver Needle White Tea 12 Pyramid Tea Bags

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Silver Needle is the most famous white tea in the world; Lord of the leaves. Ours is sweet, mellow and refreshing and perfect for drinking on hot. Bedtime tea, very low Caffeine, more Antioxidants. Blended with rose petals add a delicate aromatic sweetness. This tea will certainly brighten your day.

This exquisite tea is blended with silver needles and highly aromatic baby roses. The subtlety of this quality white tea and rose will captivate your senses. Sip on this floral, delicate mix of rare organic young silver needle white tea buds and rosebuds that smell divine. This soft and fragrant blend is soothing and healthy, that with every sip heavens open up to play music in harmony!

Ingredients: All natural, absolutely no chemicals.
- Including natural herbs: Wilver needle white tea, rose flower, natural herbal fragrance.

Our pyramid tea bags are different from other tea bags. The unique shape allows us to accommodate a larger leaf, giving your cup of tea a richer smoother taste. Each order contains 12 individually wrapped pyramid-shaped tea bags.

Brewing Guide: For the ultimate show stopper effect, serve the loose leaf pyramid tea bag in a glass mug and watch the magic of the leaves unfold.

Drop 1 tea bag in 8oz of hot water and let brew for 2-5 minutes. Or for iced tea, either brew a tea bag in hot water and pour over ice or try cold brewing. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review