Organic Wild Natural Evening Primrose Flower Oenothera Glazioviana Herbal Tea 100g

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Type: Herbal
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: The flowers of evening primrose have been enjoyed as food for hundreds of years and are still a popular part of salads and other edibles today. Though the oil made from pressed seeds is considered today to be one of the most medically beneficial herbal remedies on the planet, the leaves and flowers receive far less attention. Evening primrose can however be a delicious and sweet part of many herbal tea recipes, and is delicious in addition to its supposed long list of potential health benefits. A simple evening primrose tea recipe includes adding a teaspoon or so of dried flowers and leaves to hot water and steeping for just over five minutes before straining and enjoying. The benefits of evening primrose tea are largely related to women's health, but there are many others to consider, the ten best of which can be found below!
1.Starting Labor: Perhaps one of the best known uses of the plant is bringing about labor. It's important to speak to a healthcare provider before exploring any of the pregnancy related benefits of evening primrose tea however, so that complications, dangers and other precautions can be fully understood. 
2.PMS Symptoms: Fatty acids found in the plant are what are most attributed to the positive health effects associated with evening primrose. Specifically women may not have enough of the essentially fatty acids in their body, and the supposed ability of the plant to increase these levels is what is thought to help with many of the symptoms of menstruation. In fact, as a food source, one of the most prolific uses of the plant is to provide nutritionally relevant fatty acids.
3.Inflammation Reduction: Healthy levels of fatty acids as may be possible thanks to the benefits of evening primrose tea may also lead to a reduction in painful inflammation as can be present in certain conditions such as eczema and arthritis. Though further study will be necessary to determine evening primrose's role in helping reduce the symptoms of these conditions, their nutritionally valuable naturally occurring compounds cannot be denied.
4.Nerve Damage: Though most study in this use relates to the oil procured from the seeds of the plant, it's possible that the benefits of evening primrose tea brewed from its flowers and leaves may provide similar benefits. Some studies have linked a reduction in diabetes related nerve damage symptoms when used over longer periods of time.
5.Osteoporosis: Studies conducted on evening primrose with regards its role in bone loss is rather limited to combination studies that include calcium and fish oil, however it's possible that the plant's boatload of fatty acids are what make it an important component in what research has been conducted so far, which has found positive results in elderly persons with the condition. The benefits of evening primrose tea in the future could therefore include helping reduce bone loss pending further study.
6.Breast Pain: The herbal remedy might be useful in reducing uncomfortable pain in the breasts when used for a period of three to six months. Since many benefits of evening primrose tea are related to women's health, this additional use does not seem farfetched.
7.Weight Loss: Exciting studies are pointing to the ability of evening primrose to contribute to healthy weight loss. A study found that capsules containing the herbal remedy over a period of four months did lead to weight loss in some obese women. 
8.Dyslexia: There are not many herbs that have been studied in terms of mental performance in children, but evening primrose has been observed as useful in children with dyslexia by helping to improve their mental performance. These cognitive benefits may be further studied in time in order to be better understood, but they certainly lend some credibility to historic use of the herb for various functions of mental health.
9.Raynaud's Disease: Characterized by circulation problems, Raynaud's disease can be uncomfortable and even painful in some sufferers. Though not associated with affecting temperature or blood flow, some studies have found that evening primrose may help provide some symptom relief.
10.Blood Pressure Reduction: Like many other benefits of evening primrose tea, pregnant women and women in general seem to have the most to gain from the ancient herbal remedy. This is again evident in the herb's use in reducing the blood pressure of pregnant women, though it's now thought that the herb may be more generally useful in helping maintain a healthier blood pressure for those who are not pregnant. 
Brewing Guide:
• Bring water to a boil;
• Use 1 tablespoon per 8oz of water;
• Pour boiling water over the tea;
• Steep 3 minutes;
• Use the same leaves 2 times;
• 1oz tea makes: approx 35 cups.


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