Premium Kai Hua Long Ding 100g 3.5 oz

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Kai Hua Long Ding Tea is taken from the new leaves of the good quality strong tea plants and made by the traditional way. It looks straight and elegant form outside, and tastes fresh. Long keeping good smell, pure green leaves and piece by piece is the unique aroma of Long Ding Tea. It has an appealing flowery taste and a long sweet aftertaste. The dry tea leaves and buds are thick and about 5mm - 6mm in length. When steeped, the tea leaves stand straight up in the water (an indication of exceptional quality). It is an excellent tea with nice outlooking and good qualily.

Kai Hua Long Ding is named after its origin place Kaihua County and Longding Pool. Kaihua County, source of Qianjiang river, located at the boundary of Zhajiang, Anhui and Fujian Province. It is in Gu Tian Shan National Nature Reserve,where is called 'Gold Triangle of Green Tea'. Long Ding is a deep pool on the top of the Giant Dragon Mountain. The soil here is loose, soft and rich, with plenty of water and proper temperature, that is why Long Ding tea has a superb quality. Long Ding Tea is well sold in many big cities in China and is also exported to Germeny and Italy. Friends from anywhere will be warmly welcomed to visit Kaihua and try this Long Ding Tea.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review