Premium Organic Aged Fuding Shou Mei Flake China White Tea 40g (-80% for orders above $50 with membership)

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Type: White
Packaging: Box
Net Weight: 40g (4g x 10)
Origin: China

This 2012 aged SHOU MEI White Tea is from Zhenghe County, Fujian Province, China where the large leaf white cultivar Da Bai is renown. It was harvested and processed in spring 2013… traditionally after the Silver Needle and Bi Mu Dan harvests were complete.

This tea like other quality whites, is less processed than other teas. Basically just picking, withering in the sun with very little oxidation, and drying. The goal of each processing step is to handle the leaf as little as possible to keep it full and intact. Shou Mei tea is usually large leaves, stems and few to no buds. What makes this Shou Mei exceptional is the large number of buds. It is almost the Bi Mu Dan standard. It has a slight sweetness and very slight floral, and this aged batch has rich depth that is similar to a light oolong, and a little nuttiness.

The feature of this tea is its lingering sweetness and pronounced honey-tones that carry through many layers and infusions. Enjoy this tea not only for its luxurious taste but also for its medicinal benefits. White tea is known for its high antioxidant levels and ability to boost immune systems, and is highly treasured in traditional Chinese tea drinking. We hope you enjoy the strong Cha Qi, which also drew us to this tea.

4 grams each flake, individual packaging.