Premium Organic Wuzhishan Wu Zhi Shan High Mountain Wild Tree Hainan Black Tea 250g

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Type: Black
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: As the national beverage of China, tea is produced in vast areas in the country, from Hainan Island down in the extreme south to Shandong Province in the north, from Tibet in the southwest to Taiwan across the Straits. Hainan Island, tropical climate and denounce the environment most suitable for the growth of natural tea and fragrant Orchid Splendour of vanilla planifolia. Hainan is mostly famous for green and black tea production. Covered by rusty-red soil, the area enjoys an annual average temperature of 20-25 Centigrade degrees and the most annual rainfall among all tea-producing areas in China, which enables a growing season as long as ten months. All these factors make the Southern China area one of the most agreeable areas for tea planting.
Hainan is Chinese southernmost tea production area. Most of tea plantations are located on the hillside at 600-800m high, where is the typical low latitude and high altitude tea production area. With the annual average temperature of 22.4°C, the climate of the tea production area is pleasant. And with a long sunshine time, a temperature difference between 12°C to 15°C between day and night, and more than 260 days of cloudy weather, it is the only tea plantation with no severe heat or cold in China's tropical region of 80,000 square kilometers. At the same time, the climatic characteristics of high temperature and rainy have turned most of the tableland and terrace into light-graveled and thick-layered red loam with rich selenium, which is advantageous to the rapid growth, the large production volume, the long period of growth and the high quality of tea trees. Wuzhishan is a city in Hainan's central highlands. Hainan black is produced from Wuzhishan city. 
The dry leaves of Hai Nan black are tightly twisted into thin, brittle curls, matte black, with a hint of the distinctive citric smell of the plum. The liquor carries forth that aroma with the added depth of a black tea. This same fruit acidity is also in the lively and yet light taste, marking it a totally different character than the floral Fujian blacks or the malty and stronger Assam or Yunnan. The acidity and sweetness are balanced with a unique but slight astringency that is more like an oolong than a black.
The flavor of this tea is very smooth & sweet, & one minute you are tasting caramel apple, but then the lingering aftertaste is like a really good bourbon vanilla extract. It is medium amber in color, clear and smooth texture, sweet fruity taste. The bright red infusion has an appetizing honeyed sweet aroma while the taste is wonderfully smooth. fresh black tea with an indescribable flavor, with the most delicate hints of pine, orchid, crushed apple and a rich, floral sweet underlying taste. 
Brewing Guide: Infuse at 90°C or lower. 5 g of leaves to 150 ml in 2 minutes makes a very different impression than 3 g in 5 min.