QIANHONG Brand Chinese Dream Shu Ben Zhuang Ming Qian Yixing Black 240g


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Yixing black is also called as Yangxian black which has a history for more than 400 years. Yixing is a county-level city in Jiangsu province, in eastern China with a population of half a million. It is well-known for its Yixing clay to make Yixing clay teapot (also called Zisha - Purple Sand) teapots and bamboo forests. While a lot of people know the famouse yixing clay teapots, only a few have the chance to try a cup of Yixing black tea.

The leaves are almost entirely made up of a considerable amount of buds which have a soft golden hue, a sign of high quality. The infusion is a amber, yellow color that is exceptionally smooth and delicate with a sweet malt flavor. A sweet, fragrant, full bodied Yixing black comprised almost entirely of exquisitely manicured single bud and single leaf pairs. The pairing of leaves and buds creates for a well balanced flavor spectrum between sweet and deep malted flavors , stimulating high notes. This is a rare, high grade, limited production black tea.

 Brew the special Yixing black in your favourite yixing clay teapot, you will feel the pure flavour from Yixing.

The preferred method of brewing is an Yixing teapot or a gaiwan. After boiling the water to 212°F ( 100° C) rinse the gaiwan or teapot once. By rinsing we ensure the teaware is free of any unwanted matter as well as create optimal heat conditions for brewing. We suggest 5-7 grams of tea per 150 ml of water. However, these parameters have more to do with personal tastes than any sort of scientific groundings. The lengths of the infusions are also dependent upon personal preference for either a weaker or stronger infusion. As such we suggest starting with shorter infusion times of up to one minute for the first and second brews while gradually increasing infusion times by one minute for each consecutive brew.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review