Supreme Organic China Fujian Bohea Wild Black Tea 50g 1.76oz

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Fujian blacks are perhaps the sweetest of all black teas, although they would not have the strength that Assam, Yunnan and Sri Lanka blacks have. The maltiness is also rather more floral than cereal. However, these are exactly their likable characters. The area around Wuyi was one of the first production region. Now all across the north to northeastern provincial border areas are producing black teas.

In Fujian province in southern China, ancient tea trees still grow wild in some of the forests. They can be hundreds, even thousands, of years old. Purists rave about the rich brown colour of the steeped tea, the aroma of sweet forest floor, the clean, natural finish. Our wild Fujian Bohea black uses robust, new leaves plucked from wild-growing trees, slightly twisted to preserve their natural flavour. This tea is characterized by its large leaves.

This black tea has a distinctive appearance with its mix of long, twisted black leaves, brownish-purple buds. When infused, this tea produces an aromatic, crystal clear, reddish-amber infusion.  The flavor incorporates the fruity-sweet and honey elements from the aroma with more classic, malty, "black tea" type flavors into a complex infusion that leaves a lovely, lingering aftertaste in the mouth. Highly aromatic, with a flavour that fills the palate.

Fujian black teas are enjoyable as you would with any other black teas. However, because its unique character is not about strength, adding milk or sugar to cover the bitterness as in other teas is not going to give you a same tasting tea drink — there is no excessive bitterness needed to cover up and the milk or sugar will lower the taste character.

Brewing instruction: Use 5 grams of tea per 200ml of water. Heat water to 95°C degrees (180°F) and steep for one minute. Add 30 secs to subsequent infusions. Adjust the amount of leaf, steeping time, and water temperature used according to your preference.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review