Supreme Wild Black Longjing Chinese Xihu West Lake Long Jing Black Tea


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Produced in Hangzhou city and the neighboring areas close to West Lake in Zhejiang Province, China, Black Long Jing tea is a competitive type of black tea in China. Different from regular green tea Long Jing, black Long Jing is produced with black tea process. Currently, dragon well tea is generally referring to the slap-up flat-shaped stir-fried green tea that made by the similar plucking and producing technique as West Lake dragon well tea. This special tea use the same leaves from west lake production area, most of the material goes for green Long Jing, only small part plucked before Qingming is preserved for black. This is attributed to the high yield and excellent quality of tea trees growing in the region thanks for the rich soil and favorable weather. Tea production in Hangzhou has a long history which can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty.
Although black Long Jing has similar shape with green version Long jing, its leaves are broad and flat, a result of laborious drying. The taste is nothing like Green Tea Long Jing at all, this tea carries the character of typical black tea. Black Long Jing tea is featured by fine picking and fabricating process, firm and slender figure, dark and sleek color and luster, faint fragrance of honey or orchid, as well as long-lasting freshness. And the liquor is characterized by bright red as well as sweet and mellow savor. Black Long Jing tea can be drunk without adding anything so as to taste its peculiar fragrance, or added with milk, granulated sugar and lemon to obtain different flavor.
Brewing Guide: 
To brew Black Long Jing,
1. Cover the bottom of the gaiwan with a shallow layer of the dry leaf, approximately 1 teaspoon
2. Start heating 2 to 3 cups of cold, filtered water in a kettle.
3. When you see the Fish Eyes (160 -180F) breaking the surface, the water is ready to pour.
4. Pour the water into the gaiwan.
5. Let the leaves rest for a minute or so, then stroke the water with the lid .
6. In another minute or so, you can begin to drink.
7. When you have finished one cup, add more hot water directly.
You may add add milk, honey or lemon.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review