Teazen Kombucha Citrus Tea Probiotics Stick 5g X 10 Bags

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GUT HEALTH : Live Probiotics Kombucha, Freeze-dried Kombucha (Germany), consume with live lactic acid bacteria in a cup of iced tea by adding Korea juice powder to the freeze-dried powder of Kombucha. Anyone can enjoy Kombucha culture without the preference for fermentation.
PROTABLE & SOLUBLE : Just drop TEAZEN Kombucha one stick to water. TEAZEN Kombucha dissolves in 3 seconds even in cold water 8.45oz (250ml). Very simple and convenient, easily get into the habit of drinking Kombucha.
VEGAN Friendly : Sugar free, alcohol free, dairy free, gluten free, Soy free, Non-GMO. Only 15 kcal per one stick and can be enjoyed even by consumers who are burdened with alcohol because organic sugar and alcohol are decomposed into beneficial strains such as lactic acid bacteria.
NATURAL FLAVOR : Lemon, Berry, Citrus flavor. Contain on-the-go 10 powered Kombucha sticks. Discover your favorite and load up!
IMMUNE & DIGESTIVE SUPPORT : Easily enjoy the fermented tea Kombucha, which helps immunity & digestive even with a single drink.

KOMBUCHA Lemon Ginger Tea Recipe
1 Kombucha Lemon Packet + Cold Water 6.76oz (200ml) + Ginger Extract 0.71 – 1.06oz (20-30g) + Ice 3.53oz (100g)

How to make

Mix one Kombucha Lemon Packet with 6.76oz (200ml) of cold water and stir well.
Put 1.06oz ginger extract and 3.53oz of ice into a cup and pour the mixture in step one.
Add a slice of lemon or apple mint.


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