Wild Natural Nourishing Tao Jiao Peach Resin Gum Jelly Edible Dried Chinese Food 100g 3.5 oz

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Peach Resin is the natural resin secreted from bark of the peach tree, formed in amber like crystals on the tree. The gum crystals are a traditional dessert and an excellent skin tonic that clears the blood and cures pimples and acne. It harmonizes the spleen and stomach, tonifis and activates the blood, replenishs qi and alleviates pain. It helps to promote bowel movement and fulfil stronger satiety sensation in order to decrease food intake, control weight and remove waste. It is suitable to make soup and sweet soup.

Please be advised that this item is naturally harvested from trees, impurities from barks are inevitable, you will need to clean it before use.
How to serve:
1. Soak about 20 grams peach gum for at least 24 hours until it become soft.
2. Remove impurities and black parts from the peach trees.
2. Wash it again, remove debris.
4. Stew it in water for 15 minutes. Add other ingredients like sugar, milk, honey, Chinese date, Longan fruit, Goji berry if needed.

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