ZILEZHAI Brand Small Black Buckle Emei Purple Red Sichuan Gongfu Sichua Black Tea 150g


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Sichuan Black Tea Coogou, it is abbreviated as Chuan Hong is one of the three most famous black teas from China. It is made from Yibin city which is a prefecture-level city in south central China, in southern Sichuan Province, located at the junction of the Min and Yangtze Rivers. The region's natural waterways provide transportation links with the surrounding area, and Yibin is also connected to Chongqing and Chengdu.

It was awarded the gold medal at World Choice Food Appraisal for its natural, uncontaminated and wholesome quality. Sichuan Black tea is comprised of beautiful golden buds and elegantly twisted black leaves. It remains a rather medium-light amber in color. The aroma is very full and nuanced, with noticeable natural fruity flavour. It combines fruit, floral, toasty, honey and spice but in very lightly nuanced and balanaced doses. Its aroma is rich, full and distinctive while the light amber infusion is smooth and uniquely satisfying with a long finish. The tea has a nice balance as to equality of aroma and flavor.

Brewing Guide: The preferred method of brewing is an Yixing teapot or a gaiwan. After boiling the water to 212°F ( 100° C) rinse the gaiwan or teapot once. By rinsing we ensure the teaware is free of any unwanted matter as well as create optimal heat conditions for brewing. We suggest 5-7 grams of tea per 150 ml of water. However, these parameters have more to do with personal tastes than any sort of scientific groundings. The lengths of the infusions are also dependent upon personal preference for either a weaker or stronger infusion. As such we suggest starting with shorter infusion times of up to one minute for the first and second brews while gradually increasing infusion times by one minute for each consecutive brew.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review