Stainless Steel Double Wall Heat Cold Insulated Coffee Tea Cup 250ml 8.45oz

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Stainless Steel
Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions:  85 x 85 x 95mm
Capacity: 250ml 8.45oz
Origin: Japan
This stainless steel cup will soon become your go-to choice for coffee, tea or whatever your favorite beverage is. The double wall design keeps your drink hotter than traditional ceramic or porcelain mugs, without burning your hands, thanks to the internal air gap to the walls.
This cup will not break if dropped from counter height. Even if it gets dented it will continue to serve you for a lifetime. That is one of the reasons it is truly Eco-friendly. Designed and specified for anti-obsolescence, the internal wall, outer wall and handle are all 100% 304 (18/8) stainless steel. Similar mugs we have tested utilize 304 stainless steel for the inner wall but inferior 201 stainless steel on the outer wall and handle.
The cup is skillfully crafted. It is a caring gift to last a lifetime! Many, many years from the day you give this gift the person you gave it to will remember you as they enjoy drinking their favorite beverage. 
* KEEPS YOUR DRINK HOTTER FOR LONGER - Compared to a traditional ceramic cup
* COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE TO HOLD - due to the double wall design
* IT WILL LAST FOR DECADES - built to last with shatter proof 100% 304 stainless steel so it will not rust
* GREAT FOR HOME, OFFICE, CAMPING, HIKING AND RV. BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - plastic free, paint free, BPA Free & eco-friendly
Price is for one cup only.