Store Credit

How to redeem Dragon Tea House store credit?



Step 1. First of all, please find our reward widget at bottom left of each page.




Step 2. Chekc out table of rewards. 




Step 3. Use your member account to log in.




Step 4. If you have accumulated enough points, you can use them to redeem our store credit.




Step 5. Click confirm to proceed.




Step 6. Done, you have redeemed a store credit successfully. It will be added to your member account in a few minutes automatically.




Step 7. Check out balance of your store under my account.




Step 8. Now add any item to your cart then check out. 




Step 9. In the fouth step under order confirmation, you may choose using store credit to pay full amount or part of the total.




Step 10. If there is not enough store credit on your account to pay the total, you will be forwarded to Paypal to pay the remaining part.




Step 11. Congratulations! You have used store credit to save money!