As one of China’s leading tea suppliers, our mission is to make top-quality, loose leaf tea standard for cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores. Thank you for considering Dragon Tea House’s fine teas for your business. We are committed to the quality of our teas. From harvesting to how it is served, we feel that there is a right way to cultivate the tea plant, a right way to craft the harvested leaves into a tea, and a right way to properly prepare that tea. We partner with wholesale customers who share this dedication and commitment to quality. 

Let us know your plans, tell us what you have in mind and how Dragon Tea House can be a part of it.



We've always wondered why restaurants with refined wine lists would, when it comes time to offering tea to their customers, settle for the mediocrity of tea bags and flavored tea blends. Thousand dollar truffles and ten cent tea bags just don't go well together. It's time. Upgrade that tea list. 

Appreciation for tea has grown wildly in the last decade. The switch from bagged tea to loose is not lost on the customer, and we are confident you’ll be happy with our selection. Let the quality of your tea reflect the rest of your menu. For food service, we are happy to help you decide on the serving method that works most effectively and efficiently for you.