Chinese Cha Dao Set 6 Pieces Ebony Tea Utensils

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High Grade Ebony
Tea Shuffle - Length 170mmTea Digger - Length 200mmTea Needle - Length 180mmTea Tongs - Length 180mmTea Funnel - Diameter 70mm, Height 25mmThe Vase - Length 80mm, Width 80mm, Height 115mm

"Cha Dao" (the Way of Tea) is a set of tools that is used when brewing tea using traditional Chinese Gong Fu tea wares. Typical items in a Cha Dao set are:

  • Tea Shuffle - shuffles tea leaves
  • Tea Digger - digs expended tea leaves from teapots
  • Tea Needle - prevents spout blockage
  • Tea Tongs - help you to wash and pick up hot teacups
  • Tea Funnel - funnels tea leaves into small openings teapot
  • The Vase - provides home for all tools above

Ebony (Diospyros ebenum), also known as Indian Ebony or Ceylon Ebony. Ebony heartwood is one of the most intensely black woods known, which, combined with its very high density (it is one of the very few woods that sinks in water), fine texture, and ability to polish very smoothly, has made it very valuable as an ornamental wood.