Extremely Fine 500 Mesh Poly Plastic Strainer Filter For Loose Tea Coffee

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Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 30mm
Material: Frame Polypropylene / Mesh Poly
Specifications: 500 mesh micronic filter cloth (500 wires per inch)
Origin: China
Description: If you're a tea lover, you'll so excited to find this infuser. Ultra-fine mesh enables you to brew all kinds of tea, even tea with really fine particulates (such as Rooibos, Herbal tea and Green teas). Fine enough to prevent tiny/broken tea leaves from getting into your tea. Perfect for keeping those leaves of loose-leaf tea out of your brew, this Single Tea Strainer sits on top of your mug to catch leaves as you pour from your pot, ensuring your cup of tea is perfectly filtered.
* EXTREMELY FINE MESH - Whatever you want to brew rooibos, herbal tea or green tea, no debris can manage to get through the mesh. Extremely fine mesh brings you a fabulous experience.
* STANDARD SIZE - Just the right size for most cups, mugs or teapots.
* EASY TO USE AND CLEAN - use water to clean it.