Nhan Tran Traditional Vietnamese Medical Herbal Tea Cooling Effect 20g*12

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Nhan Tran trees prefer places with high humidity such as Southeast Asia. Especially there are many in Vietnam, China, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. Trees live in mountainous areas 300-2000m above sea level, near thin forests. Nhan Tran is a rare oriental medicine, belonging to the Huyen Sam family.

Nhan Tran tree has a herbaceous plant, only 0.3 - 1m high. The trunk is single, with very few branches. The leaves are symmetrically grown on the stem, the leaf blade is lanceolate and serrated. The leaves are 3 - 5cm long, the veins are clearly developed on the underside of the leaves. Hoa Nhan Tran appears in the middle between leaves or branches. Flowers grow in small, flower-shaped clusters. Corolla 30 - 40cm long, purple or blue is very beautiful. The blooming season is from April to September.

Nhan Tran tree is no stranger to people, this herb is used in everyday life and in medicine. Nhan Tran is cool and has a sweet taste that brings many good uses for human health. So what other medicinal uses does this herb have? How to use kernels to get the optimal healing effect?

In Nhan Tran containing the following active ingredients:

Saponin: an effective anti-cancer, anti-cancer agent.
Flavonoid: anti-cancer, good for the human cardiovascular system.
Aromatic human acids, essential oils: beneficial for health, clearing heat and detoxifying the body.
Triterpenic: assists in detoxifying, restoring health and treating liver diseases.

Benefits of Nhan Tran:

Heat detoxification
This is one of the top uses of the Nhan Tran tree. In the summer, when the weather is hot, drinking a glass of Nhan Tran water will help you to purify your body, preventing blemishes from attacking. Toxins that accumulate in the liver, causing harm to the health, are eliminated. People will be provided with ample energy to work and study. At the same time, Nhan Tran is very beneficial for the endocrine system, regulating hormones in the body to help the skin get rid of acne, no unpleasant itchiness.

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial for the wound
If you have an open wound, a swollen sore, just using a small amount of Nhan Tran will help relieve swelling and heal the wound quickly. Nhan Tran will prevent excess bacteria from entering, making the wound worse, stimulating the young skin so that the open wound soon heals.

Prevent cancer
According to science Nhan Tran contains abundant antioxidant active cells. These active substances will prevent the formation of tumors and inhibit metastatic cancer cells.

Good for hepatitis patients
In Nhan Tran, Saponin content is not inferior to Ginseng, effective anti-inflammatory, effective treatment of hepatobiliary diseases, good news for patients with liver diseases such as hepatitis A, B, C, cirrhosis, acute hepatitis ... using Nhan Tran can improve this condition. Nhan Tran herb has the effect of stimulating the liver, bile secretes gastric juice, and protects liver cells from the attack of the virus causing disease. At the same time improving fatty liver disease for many safe patients.

Diuretic, good for the secretory system
Nhan Tran has a cool, detoxifying heat, so it will help reduce the symptoms of urinary retention, urinary retention, and hematuria effectively. In addition, Nhan Tran also works to enhance kidney function, for a healthy body.

Regulates blood pressure
High blood pressure causes many serious complications with the body: stroke, stroke ... Nhan Tran regulates blood pressure, balances blood sugar levels to help you improve the function of the circulatory system. There are also "miraculous" effects in anticoagulant, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory.

A sweet after-taste is something many people love, and there is a drink that offers exactly that sensation: ‘nhan tran’. ‘Nhan tran’ is a kind of herb that, according to Asian medicine, reduces inner heat, a task necessary to maintain for good health's sake. Those who find 'tra da' too bitter turn to ‘nhan tran’, making it number two on the list of essential drinks here. However, the sweetness that has gained the drink its market share doesn’t come from ‘nhan tran’ itself but another herb called ‘cam thao’.

Ingredients: All natural, absolutely no chemicals.

- Including natural herbs: Nhan Tran, cassia, southern licorice, northern licorice, sweet grass

Brewing Guide: Every day, use 1 pack cooked with 2 liters of water.


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