1900 Meters Organic High Mountain Yunnan Rock Oolong Tea


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Looking down from the sky above the Lincang tea area in Yunnan, you will find large tracts of ancient tea forests, growing in the rocky soil, growing upright and magnificent. Yunnan and even China are second to none.

The typical tea areas are Bangdong and Matai. Affected by the movement of the earth's crust, the two places pierced through the sky with chaotic rocks, standing awkwardly. The soil layer is deep under the rotten rock. The tea tree roots several meters deep and absorbs rich trace elements. The content is rich and coordinated. The quality and taste of the tea are outstanding, just like a fairy in the world.

This kind of ancient tea tree that grows from the cracks in the rock is produced and processed through core technology, and we named it "Yunnan Rock Tea". The big-leaf tea in Bangdong and Matai is more than a hundred years old, so it has the taste of ancient tea and the rock rhyme of rock tea.

With the participation of many natural factors such as sunlight, rainfall, soil, climate, altitude, geographical environment, etc., Yunnan Yancha has formed unique characteristics: first, the coexistence of ancient tea trees with deep roots and leaves and rocks; The mountains are steep and the clouds cover the mist; third, the fragrance of the wildflowers, refreshing and sweet, and the taste is mellow. This gave birth to the unique "rock rhyme and floral fragrance" of Yunnan rock tea.

Different from Wuyi Rock Tea, Yunan Rock Tea is a highly oxidized oolong made from the Qing Xin ‘Green Heart’ cultivar. Compared with the large-leaf species of Wuyi Yancha, Yunnan Rock Tea grows slowly and has a long growth cycle in high-altitude areas, and its leaves are obviously smaller. It undergoes heavy oxidation at around 90%. This means that it falls into a category of oolong teas that treads a fine line between an oolong and a light black tea. The tightly rolled small taut strips produce pale amber liquor with a sweet aroma. A bold yet, balanced cup with mineral and tangy notes of fruits and red berries.

Brewing Guide: Brew tea at 95ºC - steep for 3-5 minutes. Try multiple infusions (let the tea steep for approximately 15 seconds longer on each subsequent infusion).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review