2300 Meters Yunnan Lightly Roasted Winter Harvest Snow Oolong Tea


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Yunnan Oolong Tea introduces the original Qingxin (green heart) Oolong variety from Taiwan. It not only makes use of Taiwan’s excellent tea tree varieties and advanced tea-making technology, but also benefits from the high mountain and humid climate environment of Yunnan, and the geographical advantage of 2300 meters above sea level.

Yunnan Oolong Tea Has its unique quality and taste. The specialty of the leaves of Yunnan oolong is thick and tender, the tea leaves are green and shiny, the taste is pure and smooth, with a light floral fragrance, the flavor is unique like sweet-scented osmanthus, finishes with a long-lasting lingering taste.

Snow Oolong gets its name from being immersed in a sea of clouds, and as a prerequisite for premium high altitude oolong. This wonderful traditionally processed oolong is from an organic farm near the peak of Yunnan’s highest mountains. Snow oolong leaves are thicker with a higher concentration of free amino acids, essential in forming the distinctive high-altitude aroma.

A freshly steeped cup mixes orchid and satsuma blossom aroma with a powerful and mouth-watering breath of freshly cooked jasmine rice. The liquor is golden yellow with a tint of green with a delicate yet prominent aroma. It leaves an impression of nectar and light floral notes in an evergreen forest, surrounded by the purest air and moisture brought by the passing clouds. The palate possesses exceptional smoothness and consistency. Expertly crafted with slight oxidation and just a bit of roast that comes through on the later infusions, this tea is exceptional. A sweet taste returns toward the back of the throat and stays to extend the memory of this fine tea.

Brewing Guide: Brew the tea at a temperature between 195-205° F for about 4-5 minutes. The first rinse of this tea is optional. Subsequent steeps can be shorter, approximately 2-3 minutes. Each serving can be brewed 4-5 times. Using the gongfu method you’ll taste how the tea changes with each steep, allowing the flavors to develop as the tea opens up.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review