Baishaxi 1953 Fucha * Hunan Anhua Black Tea 338g

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Hunan, China
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Black tea is one of the six major teas and a tea cultivated in China. Hunnan is China's largest production base of black tea while Baishaxi tea plant, Anhua is the birthplace of black tea. Anhua black gross tea adoptstraditional drying method by wood fire while in primary processing. It has the fame of 'tea as amber' and 'color as iron, with extraordinary fragrance'. It is the traditional drying by wood fire that brings forth the unique quality of Anhua black tea.

Tian Jian, Gongjian and Shengjian teas are all Hunan's excellent black teas. They are processed from the fresh tea leaves during the Grain Rain perod and mainly served by the rich. In the northwest region of China, they are drinks for the nobles. During the Daoguang years of Qing Dynasty (1825), Tian Jian and Gong Jian were list as articles of tribute and served by the royalty. These teas are primarily processed from Black Gross Tea that is directly pile-fermented. By this method, the taste is stronger while the quality is more stable. The three teas are packaged by basket in bulk. They are valuable heritages of China's traditional tea culture.