Bei Gang Mao Jian Hunan Yellow Tea


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Bei Gang Mao Jian is a kind of yellow tea, called "Yonghu tea" in Tang Dynasty, and one of the top ten tribute teas in Tang Dynasty. It is produced in Beigang, Yueyang City, Hunan Province. Beigang originates from Meixi and has a total length of about 2 kilometers. It got its name because it is located in the north of Nangang. Nangang and Beigang meet at Bridge Lake. There are five ponds and a temple around, and there is a lake in front of the temple. It is now called Yangjia Lake. The area around Beigang Maohu Lake in Kangwang Township, Yueyang City is now the origin of Bei Gang Mao Jian tea. The climate here is mild and the rainfall is abundant. Every early spring morning, the steam on the lake rises slowly, permeates the low altitude, and is blown by the breeze, like gauze and mist, scattered on the tea gardens on the north bank. The terrain of the tea garden is flat, the land and water are staggered, the soil is fertile and the acidity is suitable.

Bei Gang Mao Jian is generally harvested 5-6 days after Qingming. The standard for fresh leaves is one bud with two or three leaves, and it is picked on sunny days. The picked fresh leaves are made in time, and are made by pan frying, pan kneading, sweating and drying. The tea leaves are covered with a special cloth, sometimes many times over, during a period of up to three days. In the processing, the chlorophyll is destroyed by the destructive effect of heat sealing measures, so that the insoluble carbohydrates are partially converted into soluble catechins for non-enzymatic oxidation and isomerization, and the conversion products are combined with protein hydrolyzed amino acids to generate new aroma substances, thereby realize the yellowing and mellow aroma of tea leaves.

The cup is sweet, bright and light. the cup also offers hints of toastiness and a soft muscat grape-like fruitiness. Notes of roasted green peas accompanied by heady floral fragrances fill the silky liquor, stretching smoothly into a long, sweet finish with an undertone of fresh spring vegetables.

Brewing Guide: Use 1 teaspoon of leaves (roughly 3g) for each person you are brewing tea for. Use cooler water for Bei Gang Mao JianYellow tea, around 80 degrees is perfect. Steep for 2-3 minutes according to taste. Reuse the leaves a further 3 times, by simply adding more hot water.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review