Double Wall Clear Glass Gongfu Tea Travel Thermos Water Bottle Mug 300ml 10oz White

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Product Overview

Dimensions: 65 x 65 x 235mm
Capacity: 300ml 10.14oz
Material: tasting cup: borosilicate glass
               lid: silicone
               brewing capsule: Tritan copolyester & stainless steel
Origin: China
Description: This professional thermos designed for tea is consists of three parts, they are:
* single wall brewing capsule for tea brewing
*silicone separate device with stainless steel mesh
* double wall cup for tasting
To make a cup of nice tea:
1. Screw off the lid. Put dry tea leaves into the brewing cpasule.
2. Add 300ml hot water into the tasting cup to rinse the tea.
3. Screw tasting cup on, turn separate device and turn the cup upside down.
4. The tea get fully brewed in the brewing capsule. Control the brewing time and strength by yourself to get desired taste!
5. When the tea is ready, turn the cup and swtich off the separate device. Now the water and leaves are separated.
6. Enjoy your tea from the tasting cup.
You may repeat step 3 to step 6 to get multiple infusions.
* TAKE YOUR FAVORITE DRINK WITH YOU. Use our double wall thermos to be able to brew tea or pour inside a ready-made drink at any time wherever you are and take it away to the car, office or travel.
* BREW TEA IN A THERMOS. You no longer need to brew tea in a teapot, wait until the drink is full of flavor and taste and then pour it into a thermos. Our thermos water bottle is equipped with a removable stainless steel infuser basket, in which the tea leaves are put. Then hot or boiling water is poured into the tea cup and the lid is twisted. You can go to work or on travel, while the tea will be brewed right into the thermal cup.
* EXCELLENT TEMPERATURE MAINTENANCE. Our double wall thermos bottle is made of borosilicate glass with double walls - this design allows to use the tea infuser mug for hot and cold drinks with the longest period of maintaining the temperature of the contents. BPA free, no taste or smell of the material.
* OPTIMAL CAPACITY. The volume of our best thermos is 10oz / 300ml. A thermos cup holds several glasses of a drink (enough for a day) and does not take up much space.
A GIFT IDEA. Thermos mug is a great gift for family and friends. To use thermo flask is simple and convenient, so you and your loved ones will definitely love this quality, stylish and functional cup for tea and other hot and cold drinks.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review