Dried Rou Cong Rong Slices Cistanche Tubulosa Deserticola Desert Ginseng


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Type: Herb
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: Cistanche tubulosa is a desert plant species in the genus Cistanche. It's long been used in the Traditional Chinese Medicine. This plant is grown in Taklamakan desert which is in southwest Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, northwest China. It survives by absorbing nutrients from the roots of the plants it parasitizes which enables it to beat the desert environment. It has been considered as a necessary tonic in the traditional Chinese medicines where the succulent stems were dried and used for medicinal purposes.
The active ingredients in the herb are the phenylethanoid glycosides as earlier highlighted. Although all the four species have been found to contain echinacoside one of the glycosides, cistanche contains a higher amounts than any of the four. Acteoside one of the glycosides is considered to be a very strong antioxidant. Its antioxidative properties are 15 times greater than that of polyphenols found in grapes and more than five times higher than that of vitamin C found in oranges and pepper. Benefits include: 
Improved learning activity
The active ingredients can achieve this through anti-apoptosis activity, preventing aging of the brain cells and increasing the number of brain neurotransmitters. They are also capable of preventing cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction. 
Anti-aging properties
The phenylethanoid glycosides are reported to have immense antioxidative properties compared to that of any other plant. The radical hydroxyl present in the herb cistanche has been found to have scavenging effects that help to protect the DNA molecules. 
Treating arthritis
The active glycosides in herb cistanche herb increase to significant amounts levels of hyaluronidase are thereby reversing the effects of arthritis and premature aging. 
Anti- fatigue effects
The glycosides in the cistanche tubulosa act by eliminating the excess lactic acid from the muscles thereby reducing their fatigue.
Improved sexual activity
Phenylethanoid glycosides that are the essential ingredients of cistanche tubulosa have been reported to induce increased sexual activity also known as the aphrodisiac effect. The active compounds were able to increase the sexual activity of a stress-induced libido loss. Cistanche tubulosa having a higher amount of the active ingredient is considered to more efficient. It is responsible for improved fertility among women and also increases male hormone production through enzymatic actions. It is also known to influence hormone level in women therefore treating cases of irregular menstruation that is as a result of hormonal imbalances. 
Increased metabolism
Cistanche tubulosa has been shown to increase the rate of lipid metabolism that has a significant effect of reducing the blood cholesterol in humans. The herb is also known for its role in reducing cases of constipation among the older people.
Hair loss
A recent study found a combination of Cistanche Tubulosa and Laminaria Japonica Extracts to be promising substances for promoting health of the scalp and hair treatment.   
How to use:
1) Cistanche Fo-Ti Goji combination.
Ingredients: cistanche 10g, He Shou Wu 10g, and Goji berry 10g.
Directions: decoct all the ingredients with water for two times, divide the decoction into 3 parts, and finish them in a day.
Benefits: invigorate the kidney, strengthen Yang, replenish essence, and enrich blood. 
2) Cistanche mutton porridge
Ingredients: cistanche 20g, mutton 50g, and rice 100g.
Directions: decoct the yang herb first for 1 hour, keep the decoction, wash and cut lamb into small pieces, put the chopped lamb and rice into the ready decoction, and boil them until the porridge is done.
Benefits: reinforce the kidney yang. 
3) Cistanche Goji Wine
Ingredients: cistanche 100g, Goji berry 50g, and wine 500g.
Directions: wash the mentioned two herbs, put them into the wine, soak them for 1 month, and drink the wine, 20 to 30ml each time.
Benefits: tonify liver and kidney and nourish essence and blood. 
4) Cistanche honey
Ingredients: cistanche 10g and appropriate amount of honey
Directions: decoct the herb with water for 2 times, 30 minutes each time, and flavor with honey before taking it. 
Benefits: relieve dry stool or constipation in the elderly.


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