Nonpareil Traditional Roasted Tie Luo Han Iron Arhat Wuyi Rock Oolong Tea


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Coming from Wuyi Mountain, Tie Luo Han is the boldest of the four signature Rock Teas. Those seeking out strong, classic-style rock oolong character for their collection will find accordance in the deeper, rich mineral tones and flowery fragrances found in this robust varietal.

While the tea leaves were plucked in mid-May, the roasting isn't complete until August. An additional resting time of several months allows the layered roast to settle and become succinct into itself, often considered a mandatory incubation period for classic Yancha connoisseurs. During manufacturing the tea leaves were exposed to deep fermentation and baked on charcoal in the traditional medium heat style. The dry leaves are lengthwise twisted, middle size, dark-brown color and have a toasted and dark chocolate flavor.

This robust and complex oolong tea was roasted to perfection, creating a nutty aroma with rich mineral tones, rock rhyme and notes of fruits. Its uniquely smooth and full-bodied flavor is both brisk and tangy. During the brewing process, the leaves are dark. The tea soup is transparent, dark amber color. The taste has the classic dark, mineral quality you would expect from a rock oolong balanced with tangy, floral, and creamy flavors. It has a unique long-lasting fragrance with a pleasant mouth feeling and a very balanced, rounded profile. After the last cup of drinking, the floral-like sweetness lasts for a long time.

Brewing Guide: For best results in gongfu cha, brew in the traditional gaiwan or in a Yixing teapot. 5 grams of tea is suggested to put into your gaiwan (100 - 110 ml). Steep with boiling water (100_/ 212_) for Steep for 1 minute or slightly longer to the desired taste. Five or more infusions are possible by increasing steep time from 30 seconds to one minute each time, according to your preference. It can be steeped 6 - 8 times.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review