Organic Crimson Glory Dried Natural Bush Rose Flowers Herbal Tea


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Type: Herbal
Packaging: Bag
Origin: China
Description: Rosebud tea is made from the rose petals of rose plants. Roses are added to a range of products for both their fragrance and potential health benefits. Roses are also often used in the kitchen. The aromatic flower is added to cakes, jams, and confections.

Drinking rose tea is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. It is also free of caffeine, sugar, and calories. It contains Vitamins E and C, which are some of the best vitamins to promote healthy skin, especially when taken together. Drinking rose petals in tea is originated in China. Rose tea is an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where it is used to regulate qi, or life energy. TCM considers rose tea a potential remedy for:

Stomach and digestive problems
Fatigue and improving sleep
Irritability and mood swings
Menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms

Rich of a strong damask scent, Rosa 'Crimson Glory' is a climbing hybrid tea rose with very large, double, deep crimson flowers, up to 6 in. across (15 cm), having as many as 26-40 petals. Blooming in flushes from early summer and throughout the season, the sumptuous blooms stand out against the dark green foliage and make an impressive display. Deep velvety crimson in color, the cupped petals hold a rich Damask fragrance.

Brewing Guide:
To make hot rose tea: Place 5 blooms in a cup and steep them in boiling water for 10–20 minutes. Strain rose buds and pour hot tea into a teacup and enjoy.

To make iced rose tea: Put rose buds and water in a pitcher or glass container. Cover and place in a refrigerator to cold brew for 6 hours.
Strain rose buds and pour tea into a cup. Cold-brewed tea is already chilled so adding ice is optional.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review