Organic Dried Red Grapefruit Slices Natural Dehydrated Fruit


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Nowadays, fruit tea becomes more and more popular, and many people like drinking it instead of water, coffee or black tea. These yummy dehydrated Grapefruit Slices deliver sweet, tangy and tropical enjoyment with tons of nourishing vitamins, minerals, nutrients and iron. Often referred to as Sugary Textured Bliss, they will satisfy your sweet tooth without candy or high-calorie sweets. They have NO Sugar and NO added coloring. A real healthy snack for kids and adults alike. They even have weight loss benefits with a rich source of immune-boosting vitamin c, potassium and magnesium for blood sugar, blood pressure and sodium regulation.

Made of natural dried Fruit, thus each piece varies slightly in size and shape, all of them are primary colors. The fruit tea is made of 100% pure fresh fruits which are oven-dried, so this product does not contain any caffeine, tannic acid, pigment and other artificial additives. No sugar added.

A unique twist on traditional dried fruits. A sweet, silky treat you can't help but crave. Whether you're starting a new diet or dreaming of a taste of the tropics, these Dehydrated Grapefruit Slices make for magnificent indulgence! Our dehydrated fruit chips deliver incredible nourishment while tickling your taste buds with a burst of tangy flavor. Picked at the peak of ripeness, dehydrated fresh and NO sugar added, these exotic delicacies are best enjoyed alone or as a topping for your assorted cakes and pastries. Just grab a piece, toss it in your gym bag, and take your tongue on a fruity jungle journey!

Brewing Guide: Makes for a delicious snack & handmade fruit tea, you can drink the fruit tea with some sugar, then you will feel relaxed from the tension and be peaceful, smelling the sweet and fragrant aroma of it. They also make wonderful iced teas.

You can mixed dried fruits randomly to create different combinations. After infusion, it has a sweet taste of fresh fruits with a kind of tasty acid and sweet.

Storage method: refrigerated at low temperature, in a dry environment. They are full-flavored, completely raw, vegetarian and vegan-friendly and non-GMO!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review